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Jérôme Marsac
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Serial entrepreneur Jérôme founded his first company in 1983 in the toy industry.

He is a successful corporate finance professional with an excellent knowledge of the European yacht manufacturing business, with which he has had numerous negotiations.

Jerome has also structured  financing for several companies using creative formulas, for amounts up to 79 M €.

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Olivier completed a degree in Accounting followed by a Doctorate in Economic Sciences. Olivier served as the Chief Financial Officer in several companies for 30 years.

He founded his own company “ACTING  FINANCES” in 2005 to become a part-time CFO for midcap companies in various sectors.

Bernard Gabay
Image Bernard.jpg

Co-founder of the Deficom Group and director of its brokerage firm, Bernard managed both the group’s investments in financial and industrial companies, and the real estate fund he created within the group.

The majority of this fund’s assets were large estate retailers with  long-term lease contracts. This fund  is still listed on Euronext as a “SIR”.

Jean-Marc Meignan
Jean-Marc Meignan.jpeg

Jean-Marc is a Senior Entrepreneur with excellent negotiations skills.

He has had great success in the past in real estate in the Western France (LAVAL).

He currently works in Real Estate in Portugal (amongst others).

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Graduating in 1993 (MBA), Lucile started in marketing and public relations (1994-1999) in a French company. She was then assigned to investor relations when the company was listed (1999 - 2015).

Since April 2015, Lucile has been working on financial solutions to raise funds for several  companies in France and Belgium.

Sylvain Navarro
Sylvain Navarro.jpeg

Sylvain  has over 19 years of experience in the financial markets, including 8 years as head of Cash Equity where he led organizational, legal and IT projects.

Sylvain increased his previous company’s client base from 30 to 100.

Alex McCallum
Alex McCallum.jpeg

Alex is an International Business graduate from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

He is an experienced analyst having previously worked with Morgan Stanley and an international corporate finance advisory. Alex assists the team with all things related to financial analysis.

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